Or play a game non-stop until you finish it and realise your life is empty…

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I like ordering books from “The Book Depository” because they always come with a free bookmark, and the bookmarks are often interesting in themselves. This one came today with Ingeborg Bachmann’s Collected Poems.

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"i like my coffee mug full to the brim and tea that burns the back of my throat
i like kisses that leave me out of breath and words that can make me cry
i like to sit in the rain watching goosebumps form and i seem to like tearing myself apart with thoughts"

- coffee and tea and kisses and words (via revelrhy)

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"We both sucked the fumes
From the mouths of ceramic mugs
Your tea tag saying things like
“Today will be the best day of your life”
Something that I would mumble back
Into my own cup of Ethiopia
The strength of the brew
Reminding me of how the
Blood rushed through my veins
As my hands searched your neck
Before we both fell victim to sleep
Now, your open white chocolate skin
Pink and whispering
Beneath a sheer cotton tanktop
Embossed in slept-in wrinkles
Crackled polished toes
That drag to the breakfast table
Like leaves across a parking lot
I wish to have a day
Made up of compounded mornings
So I can keep waking up
And drinking hot liquids
With you
And I know
You aren’t a morning person,
But maybe if I beautify
The quiet, dazzling moments
Just after waking,
I could change your mind"

- Quiet, Dazzling Moments Just After Waking - BM (via beardedmusing)
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"So, it’s back to that stupid static again. You think I don’t know what’s going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage. It’s a conspiracy…and every one of you low-watts is in on it. Just cause you can move around, you think you’re better than I am. I’m not an invalid. I was designed to stick in a wall! I like being stuck in this stupid wall! I can’t help it…if the kid was too short to reach my dials! It’s my function!"

This scene was so terrifying and depressing to me as a kid.

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